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About Us

Since 1997, Ganesh Roadlines, a flagship company of “Rajliwala Group” has been providing transportation and logistics services all across India. With over 370 own fleets and more than 500 attached vehicles comprising of Twin-axle, Tri-axle, Low Bed Trailer, Semi low bed Trailers, High bed Trailers, Twin Axles Truck, Platforms Trailers and Multi Axle Tankers, we have the resources to match your freight with a reliable trucker anywhere in India at reasonable rates. We have a strong reputation with all our freight partners for being fair and prompt paying. This insures our ability to get you the equipment you need, when you need it. This also guarantees that we can get you the best price to move your shipment.
We are dedicated to providing prompt, personalized, attentive and reliable service. We work as your traffic department 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we recognize each shipment and client has unique delivery needs. We give every detail the attention it requires to meet your company’s and your client’s deadlines. We will work with you to develop an individual solution for each shipment. We can analyze any request and advise you what is manageable within minutes. If there’s a better way, we’ll tell you.

We will work out the best solution to meet your priorities of time, cost, etc. We will also recognize and advise you if a shipment’s requirements cannot be accomplished successfully. One call to our head office can provide a comprehensive range of transportation solutions, and provides you with complete transportation services from origin to destination.